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New book

I have just received in the post a proof of my book of short stories ‘Meridian’. There is nothing quite like the thrill of having your new book in front of you. ‘Meridian’ will be available in a few weeks from my as print on demand and ebook.CoverConcept




  • And how do i get a copy? Best – Hall

  • Hello Hall,
    go to my website: then click on ’Novels’. ‘Meridian’ comes up, scroll down to the bottom of page to where it says: Meridian is available now on CreateSpace [the cheapest] and Amazon.
    Click on “CreateSpace”, then, click on “Add to cart”  and follow the payment prompts to check out.
    I hope you enjoy the stories. If you do you might like to post a review on Amazon, my only source of publicity is my readers — and spread the word to others.
    Hope you are still going strong.


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