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Want an Israeli army T-shirt?


Those of you who want to keep up with leisure fashion should check this Times of Israel site, Oct 26, 2015.

No, this is not satire, but it is hard to believe that someone could write this, even in the Times of Israel:

“Can anyone help but be inspired by Israel Defense Forces? With almost seven decades of experience defending the Jewish People in Israel, they have proven themselves over and over again to be one of the finest and most moral fighting forces in history. Now is your chance to show your solidarity with the defenders of Israel and the values we hold dear: freedom, justice and peace. For the next 72 hours only, Judaica WebStore is offering special deals throughout our popular collection of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) merchandise: t-shirts, hats, watches and more. Show the world where your heart lies with style you can wear with pride. Support Israel and the IDF today!”

Among the T-shirts, ranging from$12.99, you can get a Mossad shirt in black, or an Iron Dome one, in a variety of colours. A steal, like lots of things in Israel.




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